Deep Healing for the Creative Soul

A four month group program for creatives to remove negative soul-sucking doubts and transform into a confident artist with endless creativity and self love. 

Maybe you think it's normal to struggle with creative blocks and burnout, every artist does!

OR you're constantly looking for a personal or group artistic project, buying into the lie that the ONLY way to become more creative and find joy in your art is to push your capacity like other people do. 

OR just maybe, you shrug off your personal happiness because you think you can either be happy in your personal life or happy with your art/business, but you can't have both! 

Whatever goals you have personally and with your art,

Deep Healing for the Creative Soul will take you on a journey to truly expand your mind, intuition & creativity organically.

And the best part is that you get to continue build confidence and self love long past these 4 months.

In Deep Healing for the Creative Soul, you will finally break free from generational & childhood programming that is holding your creativity, self-love & money beliefs hostage, activate clear boundaries, speak & create from your heart space and release perfectionism, imposter syndrome and so much more.

It’s truly incredible how much your art can shift, when you harness the DIVINE power inside of you.

What you will get access to in the course-

  • Two monthly group energy clearing calls 

  • A Human Design Reading from my expert.

  • Weekly Modules focused on different major areas that require healing

  • Access to 10+ of my personal meditations

  • being surrounded by other Creatives that are on the same path as you. 

and so much more.....

Words of transformation from past students

These sessions changed my outlook on money and has made every day stressors seem less. As well as helping me become more confident in my skills & knowledge when presenting my proposals to clients. It feels like a weight has been lifted off of my heart and I am excited to see what comes next. I highly recommend working with her. You may not even know how much you need it until you start. But you won’t regret it, her talent is amazing. 

Click below to hear what Ratna had to say about working with me in Deep Healing for the Creative Soul!

What makes this program different from others?

In DHCS we dive deep in a safe and supportive space. Everything you learn in here will help you build the life you dream of while becoming more emotionally intelligent and catapult emotional and spiritual growth. 

Ready to jump in my creative friend? 

TLDR- For Creatives tackling imposter syndrome, burnout and creative blocks, join us now in Deep Healing for the Creative Soul and heal those areas that are causing these symptoms fast and efficiently.  

17 Modules

Pre-Module You Deserve to Heal

As I started building out this course, I realized it was missing one thing.

In order to facilitate all the active growth you will have in the next 4 months, I decided to add a module called "You Deserve to Heal" so that we can start shifting your thoughts around being worthy of this journey. 

Week 1- Intro & Diving Into Creative Intuition

Hey friends, let's get started on some mindset shifts today. Please grab a pen and paper for this program. I definitely suggest you writing things down that:

  • cause you to re-think previous notions
  • anything that brings up emotions that may need to be addressed.
  • any inspiring thoughts 
  • all questions

And of course, whatever else you feel led to write down!

Link for 1st & 3rd Wednesday Group calls @1pm est

Week 2- The AB Method

In this week we will set the foundation for this healing work. It's so important that we prepare the physical body as well as the emotional/subconscious side to release all the trapped programs and traumas. 

We will also dive in Childhood Traumas (yay!) and do a body scan for the meditation. 

Week 3- Releasing Fear

This is such a huge topic for so many. As we move into releasing fear, please be mindful and have grace for yourself. Whether you traumas can be deemed "small" or "big", this module does require some introspection and also forgiveness. 

The meditation for this module is some reiki work. I recommend doing that after the clearing session but if you need to you can actually do this meditation before to help set the stage for this weeks clearing. 

Week 4- Rejuvenate

This was truly born of inspiration to help you guys recharge and get your body ready for more healing in the future. I know you will enjoy!

Rejuvenate weeks are great times to jump in the Thursday group call 

Week 5- Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome will rear it's head in any of your spaces, relationships, communities etc.....especially with social media. This topic has been the focus of many creatives as we put our work out into the world. But so many "tactics" fall short of getting to the root which is why this module was born! 

Week 6- Overworking and the Self Sabotage Cycle

During this week we will start with clearing around overworking and self sabotage and then move into Human Design. These topics work amazing together so I think you'll really enjoy it!

Week 7- Releasing Creative Blocks

Every person has been designed to create. It is where we find our true passions and get a taste of what our lives are like in partnership with the Divine. Let's dive into the blocks that are keeping you from creating things in your life. 

Week 8- Releasing Money Blocks

This is going to be a fun week! Let's get rid of some pesky money programs with the weekly clearing. So many things come up from childhood and even generational trauma so don't forget your water for this one! 

The meditation can be used over and over. Don't forget to print out the affirmations to say every day or scatter them around your house. 

Week 9- The "I am Statements" Subliminal Track

This has quickly become my favorite thing to listen to while working on the computer or doing chores. You guys are going to love it!

Remember to download it to listen on the go.

Week 10- Releasing Blocks with Boundaries

For this week are going to go over boundaries! Saying "no" comes up often enough that we get to clear around that but also other boundary issues. This session and meditation are both super powerful! 

Week 11- Self Love Series

So much of this program is centered around self love and releasing all those negative thought patterns that we have been thinking over and over again since childhood. There is so much room for growth when we forgive ourselves on a deeper level. 

Week 12- Self Love Series Part 2

For our session this week, think of it as a delicious self-love potluck. :) There's a ton of programs to clear. Let's be honest though, this whole program is around self love! So think of these as the leftovers that we haven't cleared yet but need to go. 

Week 13- Rejuvenate

Our last rejuvenating week comes with a beautiful meditation, one of my favorites so far! I know you'll enjoy it!

Week 14- Releasing Energetic Hooks

This whole concept came to me in a vision recently and I am floored by how helpful this was in releasing any spiritual and energetic bonds trying to hold us back. I know this will be helpful to all of you. In healing, Aubrey

Week 15- Living in a Higher Vibration

We have spent our time and our energy releasing past stories that are holding us back. Now we get to shift towards a higher vibration life. In this module, I will teach you how to use the energy available to you to raise your vibration. 

Week 16- Embracing the New You

Wow friends! I am truly amazed at everyone who has made it this far. Your level of commitment, passion and courage is inspiring. For this last module, we will be clearing out any leftover programs around sustaining long term growth. 

Modules for this product 17
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