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Deep Healing for the Creative Soul

A four month group program for creatives to shift out of negative soul-sucking energy and transform into an enlightened being with endless creativity, intuition & personal growth.

Private Sessions with Coach Aubrey

In this 4-pack of sessions, you will receive intuitive and spiritual-led guidance from Aubrey with an emphasis on breaking down the belief systems that have you feeling stuck in your life. Expect massive transformations in a very little amount of time. 

Energetically Heal from Money Blocks and Limiting Beliefs

Shift your mindset around money and raise your vibration to receive more abundance even during economical downturns.

The Ultimate Love Your Body Course

This course will help you break free from negative thoughts and emotions around how you look and feel. You are a beautiful Divine creation, now you have to shift your thoughts to believe it. 

Magnetic Women Collective

In this unique and transformative membership, you will have massive spiritual and emotional breakthroughs in confidence and learn new tools to bring you closer to your true feminine and authentic self. 

Breaking Your Perfectionism Code

In this short Masterclass for Creatives, you will feel your mind shift away from the desire to have everything perfect, leaving you feeling the freedom to create intuitively again. 

Creating Emotional Freedom

This inspired course will help you release limiting beliefs about how you should show, act and talk about your emotions.

Intuition Calibration

Let's tap into that Divinely given intuition, learn to use muscle testing and expand your unique intuitive capacity. 

Peace Out People Pleaser

Reprogram your mind to put your happiness and needs in the forefront, while cultivating more healthy long lasting relationships with your family and loved ones. 

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