Magnetic Women Collective

Welcome to the Magnetic Women Collective 

This membership is for high achieving women who want to prioritize their mental and emotional health, cultivate fulfilling relationships with others and herself without having to sacrifice her time and passions. 

In this insightful soul-led membership, Aubrey will take you on a new adventure every month that will leave you feeling fulfilled, supported and in love with your authentic self. 

Together, we will strip away layers of who you think you need to be and plant a seed of self love and purpose. 

If you've ever...

End the day completely exhausted, like you can't keep your eyelids open for one more second..... yet you're falling asleep with tomorrow's to-do list buzzing in your head? 

Jumped to cancel that long awaited lunch date with a friend so you can volunteer at your kids school last minute? 

Lost your temper with your spouse or children over something silly and instantly felt that pang of regret?

This Membership is the perfect space for you. 

Maybe you're a busy Mom, Wife or Entrepreneur.

I get it, I am too.

It's important that you know, you are not doing anything wrong, you just haven't been taught how to regulate your nervous system and release those trapped emotions & thoughts that tell you "you will never be good enough". 

It is my goal as your Coach to help you reach a new level of authenticity that will completely shift your life from busy people-pleaser mode to mindful, intuitive and real. 

Imagine if:

Your daily life flowed with ease and productivity.

You say what you mean and mean what you say without overthinking or questioning what other people think about you. 

Your relationships continue to grow and you feel loved, supported and safe to be yourself.

The framework:

  • New course every month (do at your own pace modules) Value $247-$1,649 x12
  • Monthly Q & A with Aubrey (at least ONE, but may have two per month) Value $125 x12
  • Access to all of my Meditations Benefit Value $550
  • Being in a container with other like-minded and supportive women who are discovering their purpose, invaluable!

That's a value total over $7,500 for the year.

The monthly price is $97 a month

If it is time for physical, emotional, mental and energetic shifts, this year is going to be everything you didn't know you needed.  

TLDR- Let's break down those pesky negative thought patterns in your head and fall in love with everything about you. 

3 Modules

Group Sessions

Live classes will be listed here and emailed out. 

Guest Speaker Sessions

We will be having a guest speaker come to talk to us once a month. As they book up, I will provide more information for these. 

Modules for this product 3
Let's do this!

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