Creating Emotional Freedom

We all live in a society where we have consistently been told how to react to social situations. Honestly, so much of that has been passed down our generational line (this is called generational trauma).

We've heard things like "Don't cry!" to "You're acting crazy!" or "I'll give you something to cry about!" 

Sadly, there are so many subconscious programs that are in this category. 

That's why I think it's important to DETOX our thoughts, come in with a clean slate, and a chance to truly express ourselves. The most surprising part about this is that you will inadvertently learn more about your unique emotional patterns than you have ever known. 

It's time to stop letting "triggers" or "outbursts" control your life when they don't have to. 

Stop feeling regret and guilt around your reactions. 

I know you can do this and inside this course are some amazing tools and techniques to get you there. 

Module 1- Emotional Hoarding Session 1

Module 2- Daily Lymphatic Face and Neck Massage

Module 3- Emotional Hoarding Session 2

Module 4-Q & A (if you join before 12/28 you get to come LIVE)

5 Modules

Inner Child Visualization

Welcome friends to this visualization to help you heal any leftover memories or feelings of not being heard, supported or allowed to FEEL your emotions. 

Modules for this product 5
Let's go!

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