Intuition Calibration

You KNOW that something is missing in your life.....

And you desire the ability to feel more connected to your purpose. 

Enter Intuition Calibration

As women, artists and creatives we are innately receptive to our energy and intuition, but over the years we have learned to turn those gifts off, to appease others and because being intuitive doesn't fit the social norms. 

It's time to connect to your Intuition and learn how to use this spiritual gift in your daily life.

In this course, you will be able to detox those thoughts that are enabling you to not listen to your intuition. Then you will learn to muscle test so that you pick up on messages your body is trying to tell you. 

You have the opportunity to feel into your intuition in a special visualization to cleanse the body of any trapped emotions & hone your divinely-given intuitive skills. 

No more wishy-washy thoughts or people-pleasing mentality.

Now, you can easily get guidance inline with your own personal path.

You feel indecisive about so much in life, this leaves you disconnected and constantly bombarded with decisions that you may not feel confident about.

You hate feeling so unsure. 

Now you will be able to connect and receive messages clearly, and build self trust and appreciation for your spiritual gifts that you DO HAVE! 

If you are ready to ditch the wishy-washy and get clarity, then Intuition Calibration is for you!

Sat goodbye to

  • feeling unsure making decisions big and small
  • feeling paralyzed with hopelessness
  • always struggling understanding your body and worrying that you don't know what it needs

Instead you'll

  • learn what it your body feels like when it says "yes" or "no"
  • feel peace around your choices
  • feel confident and establish self trust

The only thing standing in between you and your intuition in Intuition Calibration. This is your chance to ditch the brain fog and plug into your God-given gifts. 

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